About Us

We are a tight knit family at Malaga Print & Signs. With over 90 years combined experience, and a reputation for great customer service, this Western Australian owned and run business should be your first and only choice when it comes to your printing.

Us and the Environment

Malaga Print & Signs has been recognised an environmentally certified printing company, achieving the highest level of achievement in the Green Stamp Program. Malaga Print & Signs has taken it in our stride to look out for the future of our environment, and keep ahead of the game with industry trends and improve the way we run our business – for the benefit of our customers, our future and our immediate environment – Malaga.


The benefits of the Green Stamp program include:
• Cleaner waterways, including rivers, lakes and swamps.
• Less waste products to landfill, reducing soil and groundwater contamination.
• Improved air quality and cleaner atmosphere
• Greater reuse, recycling and recovery of waste products.

Some of our applied practises include:
• Using carbon neutral paper stocks
• Only using soy based inks
• Recycling of all excess paper stock, over prints and scrap paper
• Recycling of our metal plates and ink tins
• Full recycling of toner cartridges
• Limiting of electricity and general appliances.
• Spill management procedures
• Switching our appliances onto power saving settings and other general housekeeping.
• Using electronic proofing

Traditional print products are also being complemented by digital products, often CD/ DVD and Internet based, creating new markets and changing traditional print business models. Shorter print runs, document customisation, data and knowledge management and faster print turnaround are features of this emerging industry.

Malaga Print & Signs will always strive to be on top of good environmental practices and wishes to be recognised as industry leaders in becoming a greener, leaner and cleaner printing company.

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